How Much Power Steering Fluid?

Power steering is a standard feature in vehicles today. Unlike the older models, cars with power steering need a lubricant such as power steering fluid for a smooth operation. This is due to the moving parts which create friction during operation. Without lubrication, it can cause premature wear and tear in the internal components. The […]

Tuning BMW E36

BMW E36 is one of the classical models. Developed in 1990, it can still be seen in racetracks. The BMW E36 is a compact executive car considered to be one of the classical models. It was produced by German automaker BMW from 1991 to 1999 and again from 2000 to 2006, replacing the E34 generation […]

Volkswagen Passat Common Problems

Volkswagen Passat first entered production in 1973 as a follower of their Volkswagen 1600. It is still one of the most successful models and the second best-selling next to Volkswagen Golf. VW Passat has six generations so far, each with its own set of problems. Some models are more reliable than the rest, and few […]

BMW Driving Experience

BMW Driving Experience BMW is one of the first providers of driver training courses and driving experiences. Since 1977, there have been about 50 different training courses with both Mini and BMW models. BMW offers amazing driving experiences in the ultimate driving machine. And not only in training grounds but also in race tracks and scenic […]

Audi Driving Experience

Audi Driving Experience Learn to drive a new Audi R8 on a Formula One track! While it doesn’t come any close to racing, it is an excellent way to burn rubber and also have fun in the process. It also helps you to learn how to handle your vehicle in real-life situations. Audi Driving experience […]

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