What Are Aftermarket Parts: Are They Reliable?

Dealing with car problems can be stressful and expensive. Even beyond the costs of repairs, the situation can lead to additional expenses for transportation or missed work. Therefore, many car owners choose to reduce the cost of their repairs by using aftermarket parts instead of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. If you’re wondering, “what are […]

6 Common Volkswagen Problems Every Owner Should Know

Due to similar manufacturing processes and designs, specific car models tend to suffer similar mechanical issues after prolonged use. Volkswagen owners often complain of oil leaks, exhaust smoke, and suspension problems.  Are you looking for Volkswagen repair professionals in Tucson? Little Germany, Inc. is a family-owned business specializing in European car repairs. Here are the […]

7 Worst VW Cars in Terms of Problems and Complaints

Volkswagen wants to be a major car brand in the U.S., up there with Honda, Toyota, Ford, and Chevrolet. The classic, original Volkswagen Beetle left a remarkable impression. However, there have been a lot of VW models that were just bad. Hopefully, you don’t own one of these, but we can fix it if you […]

Audi 2022 Models and Updates for USA

The new line of Audi 2022 models shows a significant expansion of the brand’s battery-operated and electric vehicles, aligning with their commitment to achieving net carbon dioxide neutrality by 2050. It also coincides with Audi’s promise to start 2022 with more battery-operated and electric vehicles available in the US than any other car manufacturer.  Audi […]

4 Common Audi Problems: Causes and Solutions

Audis, with their sleek bodies, smooth interiors, and fast engines, are amongst the best luxury vehicles on the market. Despite their reputation for reliability, these vehicles are subject to wear and tear, just like other cars. Although the automaker uses premium quality materials in the construction of their vehicles, sometimes these parts fail. As an […]

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