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What You Should Know Before Purchasing European Luxury Cars

European luxury cars are a popular choice for the conscientious car owner. However, you should know that these luxury cars need specialized care to maintain precision engineering. Contact Little Germany to work with experienced European luxury auto repair technicians in Tucson.

Below is everything you need to know before purchasing a European luxury car.

High-Tech Electronics

Luxury sedans like those from Mercedes Benz are known for having modern amenities, but did you know that not every technician has the appropriate tools or training to handle some of the newest additions to luxury vehicles? Standardized equipment for luxury cars can include:

●       Wireless electronic monitors

●       Wireless cameras

●       Automatic braking

●       Automatic windshield wipers

The list above is only a small sampling of automotive manufacturers’ increasingly complex equipment in high-end luxury vehicles. In addition, each electronic component requires a high level of experience and knowledge to appropriately maintain and repair when necessary.

Advanced Engineering and Fuel-Efficiency

Perhaps you wonder why European V8 engines sound different from American ones. Part of the answer lies in the type of crankshaft that the V8 engine uses to push the engine pistons, and European V8s prefer the flat-plane crankshaft, which changes the firing order.

By slightly changing the firing order, European engines have a smoother sound with the additional benefit of improving the response time to acceleration demands. Vehicles like the Aston Martin or Mercedes S Class are well-known for the power and class that these engines provide.

The increased fuel efficiency of European luxury cars and sports cars is due to their high-quality spark plugs and well-tuned specifications. However, this means that only qualified technicians can perform the maintenance schedules that European luxury vehicles require.

High-End Design

Whether you own a luxury car for personal use or depend on luxury car rentals, you know that you pay a premium for the best materials and features. These luxurious designs and high-end features make life simple while maintaining a beautiful appearance.

The high-end materials that manufacturers use in their luxury lines demand more respect and attention than more cost-effective fabrics and other features. When your luxury vehicle needs expert attention, you can only trust a specialized automotive repair center to perform the work.

Quality European Luxury Car Care in Tucson, AZ

Since European luxury manufacturers produce vehicles with advanced components, these cars depend on expert knowledge and experience to keep them in shape. Little Germany in Tucson has highly trained technicians, software tools, and on-site OEM parts to provide timely repairs.

Typical mechanic shops that don’t specialize in luxury vehicles won’t have the proper diagnostic equipment or training to provide the care your high-end vehicle needs. Bring your European luxury or sport car to the professional European car repair center when your vehicle needs maintenance or repair.

Explore our European car brands guide to learn more about BMW, VW, Mini, Audi, and other top-of-the-line luxury brands. Schedule services for European luxury cars by calling Little Germany in Tucson at 520-881-3273.

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