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6 Common Volkswagen Problems Every Owner Should Know

Due to similar manufacturing processes and designs, specific car models tend to suffer similar mechanical issues after prolonged use. Volkswagen owners often complain of oil leaks, exhaust smoke, and suspension problems. 

Are you looking for Volkswagen repair professionals in Tucson? Little Germany, Inc. is a family-owned business specializing in European car repairs. Here are the six most common Volkswagen problems car owners face. 

Problem #1: Oil Leaks

Volkswagen owners who fail to get oil changes regularly experience oil sludge accumulation in the engine, which can cause leaks. An illuminated check engine light is often the first sign of an oil leak or electrical problem. 

Oil leaks can also cause clogs in the crankcase breather system, stopping the engine from correctly ventilating excess pressure. It is best to service your car as soon as you suspect an oil leak. 

Problem #2: Coolant Leaks 

Coolant leaks are common in Volkswagen water pumps, radiators, and coolant hoses. Your vehicle’s seals and internal bearings are likely weak and need repairs if you experience a coolant leak. The radiator could also be the issue if you notice liquid under the car. 

Coolant leaks can cause your engine to overheat quickly. Schedule an appointment with Little Germany, Inc. to avoid further damage if you notice a leak. 

Problem #3: Exhaust Smoke

Do you notice excessive smoke coming from your car’s exhaust system? Many Volkswagen owners experience exhaust smoke issues. An engine block or damaged head gasket is likely the problem. A coolant leak is often the first visible sign of a cracked engine block or gasket issue. 

Problem #4: Clock Spring Problems

Unfortunately, clock spring issues are among the most common Volkswagen problems. Clock springs allow your car’s steering wheel to move, so these issues can quickly become dangerous. Many clock springs last for a decade or longer, but the wires in these parts tend to become brittle in Volkswagens over time. 

It is also common for clock springs to loosen if an inexperienced technician incorrectly installs the steering wheel after serving the vehicle. 

Problem #5: Suspension Issues 

Your Volkswagen likely has a suspension problem if you notice clicking noises emitting from the vehicle while turning or going over bumps. Faulty ball joints often cause suspension problems in Volkswagen automobiles. 

It is essential to call an experienced car repair technician if you notice unnatural vibrations or clicking noises to prevent further deterioration of your suspension system. 

Problem #6: Electrical Problems 

Electrical problems, such as battery shortages, are common in many Volkswagen cars. Starters or alternators often cause electrical issues in Volkswagens. Visually inspect your battery if you are experiencing electrical problems. 

Electrical components in newer Volkswagens may break down after four years or less, while starters in older models last much longer if the car does not overheat. Are you experiencing Volkswagen problems, or do you need to replace your car’s fuel injector or spark plugs? Little Germany of Tucson specializes in repairing the worst Volkswagen cars, including certain Jetta, Passat, and Phaeton models.

7 Worst VW Cars in Terms of Problems and Complaints

Volkswagen wants to be a major car brand in the U.S., up there with Honda, Toyota, Ford, and Chevrolet. The classic, original Volkswagen Beetle left a remarkable impression. However, there have been a lot of VW models that were just bad.

Hopefully, you don’t own one of these, but we can fix it if you do! Call (520) 881-3273 or come by Tucson’s reliable Volkswagen repair experts, Little Germany, Inc., at 5235 E. Speedway.

Here are seven of the worst VW cars:

2009 Jetta lists the 2009 model as the worst Jetta year model of them all—and as you read on, you’ll realize that that is really saying something. Most complaints cite either “engine failure” or “brake problems.” The former stem mainly from stalled engines and broken turbos. The latter is primarily failing ABS modules.

2006-2008 Jetta

Any discussion of the worst Volkswagen made includes the “fancy looking, cheap build” 2006-2008 Jettas. All they have going for them is design. The 2.0L turbo engine is a non-conventional “Dual Mass” flywheel. The transmission makes rattling noises when the car turns off. Drivers also report that the reverse gear often fails.

2006 Passat

The VW Passat is one of the worst VW cars because it idles roughly and requires way too much preventive maintenance, particularly to components around the timing belt, just to keep the engine in good condition. This is just too many issues for a small vehicle.

2003 Jetta

The 2003 VW Jetta is among the worst Volkswagens. Its stroke engine smoked most of the time, and the car always seemed to need oil. The fuel tank sat over the top of the engine, relying on gravity to do most of its job. Take the word of our experts at Little Germany, Inc. and avoid this car.

VW Golf (Mark IV Edition)

While not a horrible car, the VW Golf (Mark IV Edition) was unreliable and unattractive and continues to haunt VW to this day. Originally designed in the 1970s to appeal to hatchback lovers, this compact car has its share of engine problems, including ignition failures, spark plug problems, and rough cold starts. With an outdated appearance and some issues under the hood, this isn’t the best than VW has to offer.

2002 Passat

Would you be interested in a “fancy looking, but cheap build” sedan? Car buyers didn’t either. All this car has going for it is that it’s nice to look at. It guzzles gas, scratches easily (inside and out), needs frequent re-alignments, and is just slow.

VW Phaeton

Volkswagen can design premium-class machines well. The Phaeton, however, is not one of those success stories. Although the Phaeton is a decent piece of technology, its small limo design can’t compete with more high-end Mercedes or BMW models. Car aficionados call the Phaeton a “classic lemon,” one of the worst VW cars.

For top-quality, reliable maintenance and repair for your VW, Audi, BMW, or Mini-Cooper, call or come by Little Germany, Inc., 5235 E. Speedway, phone (520) 881-3273.

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