Audi Driving Experience

Audi Driving Experience

Audi Driving Experience - Audi R8 on Formula One TrackLearn to drive a new Audi R8 on a Formula One track! While it doesn’t come any close to racing, it is an excellent way to burn rubber and also have fun in the process. It also helps you to learn how to handle your vehicle in real-life situations. Audi Driving experience ranges from a half-day to a two-day program behind the wheel of Audi’s latest offerings. The experience allows fans and customers to experience the cars and practice their driving skills at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA). This article gives you a glimpse of the Audi driving experience, the various programs available, costs, qualifications, and more!

What Is an Audi Driving Experience?

Audi of America has launched an all-new driving experience in conjunction with the circuit of the Americas COTA. Situated in Austin, Texas, it is an all-exclusive race track where the R8 GT3 race car competes. As a result, fans of Audi can hone their high-performance driving skills and experience the new Audi sport models. The circuit is open all year round to drivers of all experience levels. They have a wide range of opportunities for both new and seasoned drivers alike. Open all year round, and the experience offers hands-on coaching from professional instructors, including dynamic car control exercises, proper cornering techniques, and high-speed lead. You also get to follow the instructions with exercises on the track.

What Is the Cost of Audi Driving Experiences?

Audi driving experiences are quite expensive, with the most affordable one at $595. Here are the prices of all the experiences:

  • $595 – Audi Dynamic Experience

  • $995 – Audi Track Initiation Experience

  • $2,195 – Audi R8 Track Initiation Experience

  • $4,995 – Audi R8 Pro Track Experience

Do I Have to Own an Audi?

No, you do not have to own an Audi to participate in the driving experience. Anyone with a valid driver’s license is welcome to participate. However, you’d also have to meet their height and weight requirements.

What Are Car Models Available in the Audi Driving Experience?

Vehicles included in Audi driving experiences are Audi Q7, TT RS, R8 V10 plus, and the new RS 3. The Sport Pro Driving Experience days are primarily focused on the R8 supercar. However, you can jump into a varied range of cars with the Dynamic days but all R8 vehicles. They are tuned to track driving with no modifications. They have the same brakes, suspension, engines, etc. However, the mix of available vehicles changes day by day.

What Are the different Audi Driving Experiences Available?

There are four unique programs offered as a part of the Audi sport driving experience in the circuit of the Americas. And the other two are longer programs, one and two days each. All the programs have a classroom session to teach the fundamentals, followed by a hands-on interactive experience.

Audi Sport Dynamic Experience

The dynamic experience takes you behind the wheel of an Audi RS 3 and the TT RS. It is a half-day program where they teach the basics of high-performance driving including braking, emergency handling, amongst others. You also get to practice the principles but not at a race track. Instead, it takes place in the exercise paddocks.

Audi Sport Track Initiation Experience

The track initiation experience is also a half-day program that takes you behind the wheel of a TT RS, RS 3, and the R8 V10 plus. In the classroom session, you learn to master vehicle control and handle it with an emphasis on maximizing vehicle control. You are also put through a series of dynamic exercises that require a great deal of driver coordination. With this program, you get to go on the exercise paddock and also the circuit.

Audi Sport R8 Track Initiation Experience

The R8 track initiation experience is a one-day program. It allows you to get behind the wheel of the r8 v10 plus in America’s only sanctioned Formula 1 circuit and discover its full potential. Built around the racecourse sector training, this experience allows the participants to try out special features of the race track. You then prove your mettle before letting the car-free in the entire circuit.

Audi Sport R8 Pro Track Experience

Audi R8 pro track experience is a two-day program designed for true driving enthusiasts and the fans of Audi Sport R8 sport and R10. However, you need to qualify for the R8 track initiation experience first. Then, building on the initiation experience, the participants learn first from professional instructors. Then you get to experience two days behind the wheel of the R8 V10 plus, hone your driving skills, and race at full speed on the circuit at Texas’ world-famous Circuit of the Americas.

Who can Take Part in the Audi Sport Driving Experience?

Audi sport driving experience is open to everyone and not just Audi owners. However, there are specific license and weight requirements. Participants should be over 21 and should have a driving license. In addition, to participate in the event, they must weigh less than 18 stone, and their height should be between 5ft 2 in and 6ft 6 in.

Featured Car – The Audi R8 V10 Plus

Audi Driving Experience - Audi R8 V10 PlusThe Audi R8 V10 Plus is a supercar, pretty fast but easy to drive, similar to a TT. It has a naturally-aspirated 5.2-liter V10 engine. Based on the Modular Sports System platform, the vehicle is fitted with sophisticated technology with supercars like Lamborghini Huracan. The R8v10 Plus has a top speed of 190mph and can climb from 0-60 mph in 3 seconds. However, the top speed can vary depending on the track venues. The transmission is a dual-clutch 7-speed paddle-shift gearbox and packs a naturally-aspirated 5-liter engine. It was unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.


Audi’s driving experience is a perfect opportunity for the car manufacturer to promote the supercar and also give the public a taste of what to expect from Audi sport. It includes thorough training from professional instructors and an experience to get behind the wheel of Audi’s flagship cars. The participants also enjoy catered meals along with dedicated suites and garages. As for the experience, you are not seated with the instructor but another passenger. They are seated outside and advises a radio. This enables you to drive fast without interference from the instructor.

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