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5 Signs that Your Car Needs a Brake Fluid Flush

Brake fluid, like brake pads, plays an important role in your vehicle’s brake system. It ensures lubrication of the vital parts so that you can brake smoothly. After time and use, your brake fluid becomes dirty and loses effectiveness. Flushing your brake lines cleans them and replaces the fluid with new, more effective brake fluid. 

Every driver has a responsibility to maintain the health of their vehicle. Regular maintenance ensures your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road. Are you in need of a brake fluid flush? Read these gives signs it might be time for maintenance, then call Little Germany at 520-881-3273 for BMW service in Tucson.

1. Soft Brake Pedal 

Low brake fluid causes air to fill the gaps in your brake lines, leading to soft brakes. Your brakes have gone soft if you need to push your brake pedal down to the floor before coming to a stop. Needing to do this delays your reaction time and can result in dangerous situations.

2. ABS Dashboard Light 

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) dashboard light turns on when a problem occurs with your braking system. If your brake fluid is low, this light turns on to help you brake safely. Take your car to the maintenance shop to ensure that the problem doesn’t persist.

3. Strange Sounds When Braking 

The sound of scraping or grinding while braking tells you there is an issue with your brakes. This issue indicates that your brakes have damage or low brake fluid. Further driving while the sounds are present can cause damage to your brakes.

4. Strange Smells When Braking 

The smell of burning when using your brakes indicates burnt-out or low brake fluid. Address the issue immediately and pull over to call a mechanic. Continued driving is dangerous and risks causing further damage to your brake system.

5. Poor Braking Performance 

Brakes need to be responsive to have a fast reaction time and prevent collisions. Any signs of softness or delays while braking your vehicle mean that it is time to service your car. With slow or faulty brakes, you won’t be able to stop your car promptly in an emergency.

What Is a Brake Fluid Flush?

Maintenance technicians inspect your vehicle for fluid leaks and ensure they are at the proper levels. Flushing brake fluid needs to happen every 30,000 miles or two years, whichever comes first. Include it in your regular maintenance schedules to ensure that your brakes are always working.

Brake Fluid Flushes at Little Germany 

A brake fluid flush is a vital part of routine vehicle maintenance. It ensures that your brakes continue to work and that your car is safe to drive. Always take your car to a professional mechanic who can inform you about problems with your vehicle. Our experienced BMW mechanics here at Little Germany have provided European car services for over 45 years. With Little Germany, you receive the personalized service you and your car need. Call schedule 520-881-3273 to schedule your service appointment today or know about the common BMW steering problems.

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