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Five Warning Signs of Bad Suspension in Your Volkswagen

Volkswagen has a reputation for making stylish and attractive vehicles. However, they are still prone to occasional issues, like faulty suspensions. Learning to recognize warning signs of bad suspension can help you know when to get your car serviced in order to avoid major damage.

Since Volkswagen is a European brand, it can be time-consuming to find a qualified Volkswagen repair shop. Our technicians at Little Germany, Inc. of Tucson, Arizona, are available at 520-881-3273 to offer a quote for your repair. As the leading Volkswagen repair experts in Tucson, you can trust us with all your VW repair needs!

What Causes a Bad Suspension?

Suspension problems occur when the struts or the shocks on your car become considerably worn. 

This quick and simple test can help determine if you have a suspension issue: 

  • Stand in front of your car’s closed hood.
  • Using two hands, push down with full strength.
  • Quickly let go.
  • Observe how many times your vehicle bounces. If it bounces more than two or three times, that is one of the first signs of worn shocks or other suspension issues.

A bad suspension will have many signs, none of which you should ignore. 

1. Riding Rough

One of the most common signs of bad suspension is a rough ride. Volkswagen vehicles typically offer a silky-smooth ride. If you suddenly feel not only every pothole but each pebble, you probably need to replace the struts or shocks on your car.

2. Misalignment

One of the hardest things to identify the cause of is misalignment. It can be due to uneven tire wear or poor tire pressure and makes driving feel like you are in a daily battle with the steering wheel to stay on the road.

3. Wobby movement

Driving your car should never feel like an amusement park ride. When you increase your speed, and it feels like the hood of your car might fly off the ground, or if you brake and you think your car might do a somersault, there is definitely a problem with your suspension.

4. Steering Becomes Unstable

If you turn your steering wheel and the tires don’t move in the way they typically should,  or if they do move when you aren’t turning the wheel, that could indicate a suspension issue. 

5. One low corner

When one corner of your car sits lower than the rest, your Volkswagen mechanic can easily diagnose it as a busted spring. Typically, one low-riding corner is accompanied by unusual noises due to the unbalanced weight of the vehicle, such as squealing or clunking noises.

Let Qualified Experts Fix Your Bad Suspension

Though finding a qualified Volkswagen mechanic can seem daunting, you should never ignore the signs of bad suspension.  In 2022, Volkswagen drivers were among the top five brands of at-fault accidents. Volkswagen has even recalled some of its vehicles due to frequent suspension problems. Don’t let suspension problems turn you into a statistic. Call our experts at Little Germany in Tucson, Arizona, at 520-881-3273 to repair any and all Volkswagen problems. We offer expert repair for all makes and models of European cars.

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