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Four Water Pump Failure Symptoms in BMW

Water pump failure can be a massive problem for your car. A bad water pump can cause your vehicle to overheat and, if not corrected, can permanently damage your engine block, pistons, head gaskets, and cylinders. The longer you drive with a malfunctioning water pump, the worse damage your car will suffer. 

Identifying the warning signs of water pump failure can save you tons of money in repairs and possibly the vehicle itself. At Little Germany of Tuscon, we have years of experience identifying water pump failure symptoms in BMW vehicles, and we are here to save you from the stress and financial burden of a major breakdown. Read on to learn about faulty water pump symptoms from the premier Tucson BMW service company.

Common Signs of BMW Water Pump Failure

Several recognizable water pump failure symptoms can help you identify and prevent severe damage to your car’s engine. If you suspect your water pump is malfunctioning, stop the car immediately and call a repair service familiar with European vehicles. If you must drive the car for safety reasons, do so for only five minutes at a time – taking breaks to let the engine cool down.

The most common water pump failure symptoms are:

1. Engine Overheating

Your BMW’s water pump controls the coolant that flows through the engine. When the coolant has absorbed the maximum engine heat, it travels to the radiator to release the heat into the atmosphere. If the water pump isn’t working, the engine can’t dispel excess heat, and your temperature gauges will begin rising. 

2. Strange Noises Under the Hood

If you hear squealing or squeaking noises from under the hood of your BMW, you may be dealing with one of the following water pump issues:

  • Loose accessory belt: A loose belt will squeak when it slides off the rotor. Heat and friction can wear the belt down, making it slippery and less effective.
  • Faulty water pump pulley: If the water pump pulley is coming loose, it will throw the timing belt out of alignment.
  • Damaged Bearing(s): If the bearings in the water pump have worn out, they will emit a high-pitched squealing sound.

3. Coolant Is Leaking

If the seal between the water pump and the engine block has corroded, the coolant will leak from the area around the seal. When a coolant leak occurs, you’ll notice green liquid pooling under your car when parked.

4. Steaming Radiator

If there’s steam coming from the hood of your car while you’re driving, it means the radiator isn’t getting enough water. The water pump should be delivering this water to the radiator almost constantly. 

Call Little Germany of Tuscon

If your car exhibits any of these water pump failure symptoms, come to Little Germany of Tuscon, AZ. We have mechanics who are experts at dealing with many makes and models of European vehicles. Click the link to read about BMW power steering problems, and call us at 520-881-3273 with any questions or concerns.

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