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How Often Do Volkswagens Need Oil Changes?

How often do Volkswagens need oil changes these days? The automobile industry has made a lot of changes in recent times. Some things that made sense in a vehicle a decade ago may be unnecessary or impractical today.

For example, oil change intervals are no longer what they used to be across most vehicle brands, including Volkswagen. Our Volkswagen repair experts in Tucson, AZ, know that most oil change requirements will depend on several variables, such as: 

  • Volkswagen model
  • Engine age
  • Type of oil
  • Driving habits and more 

Below, the experts from Little Germany, Inc. share recommended intervals that should keep your Volkswagen engine in excellent shape.

Factors To Keep in Mind Before Changing the Oil

Volkswagen vehicle owners often ask the team at Little Germany, Inc. for details about oil changes and other maintenance tasks. We are happy to give them the numbers, but it is also important to point out a few important details.

For example, changing the car’s oil every 5,000 or 10,000 miles works for conventional drivers with a normal commute. However, if you engage in off-road driving or speed drifting, you will have to change it earlier (at 7,500 miles for newer models and 3,000 miles for older models).

We also recommend paying attention to the type of oil you use. Conventional oils may need changing earlier than high-mileage oils and certain synthetic blends. For the best results, use the manufacturer-recommended oil type and follow their recommended oil change frequency.

Are you worried about the cost of an oil change? Don’t be; it’s negligible. Plus, the oil sustains engine damage.change price you pay once a year is a fraction of what you’ll spend if the vehicle 

The Advantages of Regular Oil Changes

The benefits of maintaining a regular oil change schedule include the following:

  • Delays wear and tear of engine components
  • Eliminates debris and dirt known to cause engine corrosion
  • Cools the engine, preventing overheating

Oil changes also ensure a vehicle is running efficiently, providing benefits across all other components.

Oil Change Intervals for Volkswagens Newer and Older Than 2009

Do you have a 2009 Volkswagen or a later model? Experts advise replacing the oil every 10,000 miles or every year, whichever comes sooner. Newer Volkswagens can complete 10,000 miles without an oil change, but an early oil change could significantly reduce the risk of engine trouble.

VWs manufactured in 2008 or earlier need regular maintenance, including an oil change every 5,000 miles or every six months.

Schedule an Oil Change With Local Volkswagen Experts Today

Following your car’s recommended maintenance schedule is optimal. However, it helps to have a local service center you can trust to complete the oil change and let you know if they find other issues. Little Germany, Inc. offers highly experienced staff who will change your oil, check your oil filter, and offer advice on common Volkswagen problems at our Tucson, AZ, service center. 

How often do Volkswagens need oil changes in Tucson, AZ, and the surrounding areas? Call Little Germany, Inc. at 520-881-3273 today to find out and schedule a service appointment.

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