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The Difference Between Fuel Economy vs. Fuel Efficiency

If you’re looking for fuel-efficient or light-duty vehicles, chances are that you know the basics of fuel efficiency and fuel economy. However, many people don’t have an in-depth knowledge of these concepts, and few take the time to explain them fully. Let’s compare fuel economy vs. fuel efficiency and show you how you can boost fuel efficiency and economy for your vehicle.

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What Is Fuel Economy?

Fuel economy is an objective measure of how far your vehicle can drive on a gallon of gas. In the United States, we measure this with miles per gallon (MPG), while other nations measure it with kilometers per liter or liters per 100 kilometers. In the U.S., the higher the MPG, the better your vehicle’s fuel economy.

As vehicle technology improves, newer cars can run farther on a gallon of gas compared to older vehicles of the same model. This efficiency is grounded in the efforts of manufacturers to reduce their carbon footprints.

How to Boost Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is almost exclusively an engine problem. As such, you must keep your engine in top shape by regularly changing your sparkplug, maintaining your gaskets and valves, and checking your fuel injection system.

What Is Fuel Efficiency?

When comparing fuel economy vs. fuel efficiency, it’s essential to distinguish the two. While fuel economy is a direct measure of the efficiency of your engine and car, fuel efficiency is an overview of how well your vehicle uses that fuel. Many things besides the engine affect your fuel efficiency, such as:

  • Vehicle weight
  • Horsepower
  • Valve timing
  • Idling
  • Any speed-boosting tech (superchargers or turbocharges)
  • Fuel injection technology

How to Boost Fuel Efficiency

Since fuel efficiency is easier to define, there are a few ways to improve it. For example, regular vehicle upkeep is vital to its fuel efficiency, as well as reducing the overall weight from time to time. Don’t constantly haul people and heavy stuff, and you’ll watch your efficiency soar.

In addition, keep your tires in good condition; poorly-maintained tires increase friction, which reduces the overall efficiency of your vehicle. Keeping them full of air at all times is essential.

Boost Overall Performance at Little Germany

Your vehicle’s performance is paramount to its lifespan. It will likely last you a long time if it’s efficient, and it will be cheaper on fuel.

Besides debating fuel economy vs. fuel efficiency, you need to take care of the non-fuel-related areas of your car. Every car owner should learn the importance of changing brake fluid to keep their vehicle performing better for longer.

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