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4 Power Steering Problems You Should Know About in BMWs

As cars age, they start to develop issues, and BMWs in particular, are prone to problems with the power steering system. Power steering problems can make your car much more difficult to control, putting you and the people around you in significant danger. Regular tune-ups and Tucson BMW repair services can ensure your power steering system is operating correctly to avoid a sudden loss of power steering while driving.

The four main components of a functioning power steering system are the engine belts, the power steering pump, the hoses, and the fluid. The belt allows the steering wheel to turn by acting as a pulley for the power steering pump. Power steering fluid maintains the necessary pressure for the wheels to turn, and the fluid must be able to pass easily through the various hoses.

Keep reading to learn the four most common steering problems BMWs can have from our experts here at Little Germany, Inc.

1. Low Fluid Levels

Turning the steering wheel is supposed to be easy, so if you find yourself putting more than marginal effort into it, something’s wrong. Difficulty steering is one of the most common power steering problems but also the most dangerous as you’ll have less control over your vehicle. You can check your power steering fluid levels in the engine compartment or take it to a qualified mechanic for inspection and maintenance.

2. Fluid Leaks

If your car is leaving puddles or stains in your garage or driveway, check to see if your hose clamps have come loose. Any leaks from the power steering fluid to the hydraulic fluid will hinder the power steering system. If you have a leak, your steering wheel could lock, or your vehicle might drift to the left or right. If you don’t repair leaks quickly, you’ll have to replace the entire power steering pump.

3. Deteriorated Hoses

As the hoses of the power steering system age, they can crack and dry out. If you don’t replace them, they may burst while you’re driving, resulting in an immediate loss of power steering. Check your hoses in the engine compartment periodically for wear and tear.

4. Strange Noises When Turning

One of the most common signs of a power steering problem is your vehicle making screeching or grinding noises when executing a turn. These noises can indicate a degraded or malfunctioning steering belt, the component that allows the wheel to turn. A faulty steering belt needs professional repair or replacement.

Take Care of Your Beemer with Regular Maintenance

Cars require a delicate balance of complex parts to operate correctly and efficiently. Many drivers may not know the difference between fuel economy and fuel efficiency. Understanding the difference will help you get more out of your vehicle and save money at the pump.

If you’d like to bring in your BMW for some maintenance to correct power steering problems, call 520-881-3273 to book an appointment. Our highly trained technicians at Little Germany, Inc. will keep your vehicle in top condition because the best car is a safe car.

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