BMW Driving Experience

BMW Driving Experience

BMW Driving Experience on RacetrackBMW is one of the first providers of driver training courses and driving experiences. Since 1977, there have been about 50 different training courses with both Mini and BMW models. BMW offers amazing driving experiences in the ultimate driving machine. And not only in training grounds but also in race tracks and scenic routes. Hone your driving skills in a unique track layout set with challenges. Let experienced instructors guide you on the track and also teach you the basics.

Our article gives you a glimpse into the BMW driving experience, the various programs available, costs (if any), durations, and more. We’ll be covering the following main topics:

What Is the BMW Driving Experience?

The BMW driving experience aims to improve the safety of the drivers while enjoying the power and joy of driving a BMW. It teaches its customers, fundamentals of safe and skillful driving. And not only on roads and race tracks but also in all conditions, including snow and asphalt. With the training, you can master your vehicle in any situation and navigate in a safe manner. Not only that, but you also get to test your limits and enjoy driving in its pure form. Apart from that, you also have the Ultimate Driving Experience. Here you can lay your hands on the newest BMW models.

  • Autocross – Test the BMW M440i xDrive Coupe on a challenging autocross course. You also have professional instructors guiding you via radio, providing directions and tips.

  • Street Drives – Choose from a lineup of the newest BMW models and hit the streets for a first-hand experience.

  • Vehicle Showcase – Check out the latest features and technology that goes into the making of a BMW.

  • Plug-in Performance – Familiarize yourself with hybrid vehicles and their handling. You also have a demonstration of how they react on the road.

  • M Car Control Clinic – Learn to handle the BMW M Series under the guidance of instructors.

Is the BMW Ultimate Driving Experience Free?

All of BMW’s Ultimate Driving Experience programs are free except the M Car Control Clinic. The latter is a half-day session and costs you $250 per session.

How Long Does it Last?

The Ultimate Driving Experience program is 90 minutes long except for the M Car Control Clinic which is half a day long.

Vehicles in the BMW and Mini Driving Experience

The BMW driving experience includes an extensive list of vehicles from BMW 2 Series to BMW M4 Competition. It also includes new passenger cars and even the MINI John Cooper Works. And also the BMW Motorrad models.

  • BMW 1 to 7 Series
  • BMW X Series
  • BMW M3 Competition Sedan
  • BMW M4 Competition Coupe
  • BMW 330d
  • MINI John Cooper Works

Though the experience has a wide variety, the car you drive depends on your skill and the need. For example, beginners drive the BMW 1 Series. And more experienced drivers get to handle the BMW X models. Keep in mind the official fuel consumption, electric power consumption, electric range figures, and CO2 emissions are set on the European Regulations. The WLTP numbers allow for optional equipment. WLTP values used for assessing taxes and other vehicle-related charges also depend on the CO2 emissions. They also include vehicle-specific subsidies if applicable. The listed NEDC values are calculated based on the new WLTP measurement procedure. They are then converted to NEDC measurement procedures to help compare better. For further information on WLTP and NEDC measurement procedures, refer to the BMW website.

BMW Driving Experience

Get behind the wheel of your favorite BMW model and learn from experienced instructors the physics of driving. The personal experience is sure to bring you sheer driving pleasure while expanding your driving skills. Here are the different training variants:

BMW Academy Experience

Be it a beginner or an experienced driver, you can learn new skills at the BMW Academy Experience. With customized training, this experience takes your driving skills to a whole new level:

  • Dangerous Driving Situations
  • Emergency Braking Maneuvers
  • Spot Braking
  • Drifting
  • Much More…

The academy experience is conducted by trained instructors who take you through the paces. With their help, you can enjoy the challenge of driving without getting frustrated. You learn to stay calm in the most challenging of situations and react in a suitable manner. The academy experience includes the following training:

  • Drift Training
  • Afterwork Training
  • Compact Safety Training
  • Compact Safety Training Young
  • Safety Training
  • Safety Training Young
  • 4 Series Drift Training
  • Performance Drive
  • Safety Training for People with Disabilities

All the above training programs are half a day long and for drivers with different skill levels.

BMW M Race Track Experience

Enjoy your need for speed at the BMW race track experience. Get an opportunity to race on the international race tracks on the BMW M series vehicles. Work with your instructor and experience the tracks generally reserved for professionals. For those yearning for more, you have intensive training. Learn to drive a real racing car with the M4 GT4 training on renowned race tracks. However, for this training, you need excellent driving skills. With the test drive, you get to drive the BMW M4 GT4, a 480 hp racing car, for ten guided laps.

  • Race Track Compact Drive
  • Race Track Training
  • Race Track Training Plus
  • M4 GT4 Training Level 1
  • M4 GT4 Training Level 2
  • M4 GT4 Training Level 3
  • M4 GT4 Test Drive
  • M Track Days

The duration of the training courses ranges from half a day to 2 days depending on the program.

BMW Winter Experience

The BMW winter experience pits your skills against the winter conditions. It teaches you how to stay in control and react. And, not any race track but in actual snowy conditions with incredible landscape backdrops. Hence, you get to enjoy the rugged landscapes while learning to drive in snow and ice. Moreover, you are also instructed on extreme driving physics with advice from instructors.

  • BMW Winter ExperienceSnow Training
  • Snow Training Plus
  • Snow Training Deluxe
  • Snow-Drift Training
  • Snow-Drift Training Plus
  • Ice Training
  • Ice Training Plus
  • Ice Training Max

The duration of the experience varies from 1 day and one overnight stay to 5 days, four overnight stays depending on the program.

BMW Professional Driver Experience

Are you a driver or a chauffeur? Do you have people relying on your skills? The BMW professional driver experience helps build those skills and improve them. Expert instructors from BMW teach you the physics of vehicle handling. And not everyday situations but also emergency circumstances. The training course is designed to meet the requirements of your job in every situation.

  • Compact Safety Training
  • Safety Training
  • BMW Protection Vehicles Training Level 1
  • BMW Protection Vehicles Training Level 2
  • Snow Training
  • Compact Snow Training


While there are many driver experiences, there’s nothing like the BMW driving experience. Apart from the predefined training modules, BMW also offers custom tours and events. When it comes to events, you have your picks from scenic drives, meet and drive, and personal coaching. In addition, customers get to choose the duration, events, and desired vehicles.

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