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What Are Aftermarket Parts: Are They Reliable?

Dealing with car problems can be stressful and expensive. Even beyond the costs of repairs, the situation can lead to additional expenses for transportation or missed work. Therefore, many car owners choose to reduce the cost of their repairs by using aftermarket parts instead of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. If you’re wondering, “what are aftermarket parts?” this article will answer that question and help you determine whether they’re right for you.

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What Are Your Choices?

When damage to your vehicle requires the mechanic to replace components, you have two different options for where to get those auto parts. The first option is to purchase the piece directly from the original equipment manufacturer. While this guarantees that the component will be identical to the original part, it is an expensive option.

For car-owners interested in saving money on the cost of their repairs, aftermarket car parts are a compelling option. These components are produced by third-party companies, resulting in a far lower price point. Although these companies strive to deliver parts as close to the original equipment as possible, these components sometimes do not fit as well as OEM parts.

Factors to Consider

Now that you know the answer to the question “what are aftermarket parts,” it’s time to determine whether they’re right for you. The following sections of this outline will provide some important factors to consider before choosing between OEM parts and aftermarket options.


Although we’ve discussed it briefly, aftermarket parts typically represent a significant discount over OEM options. Because there’s a lot of competition, costs to the consumer remain low. The cost difference between OEM parts and aftermarket ones is often significant enough to reduce the entire repair costs by a meaningful amount.


When your primary vehicle is damaged or inoperable, you must prioritize urgent repairs. If the parts you need are back-ordered or out of stock, aftermarket parts may help you get your car back on the road faster. Multiple manufacturers produce these parts, so they are rarely unavailable.


With anything involving a vehicle, safety is the highest priority. While saving money is always nice, the most important thing is to have a safe vehicle for you and your family. Fortunately, most aftermarket parts are exterior panels or fenders, which offer equivalent safety to OEM options when installed by a skilled mechanic. However, it’s always wise to ask your mechanic about the quality of an aftermarket part before committing to installing it.

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