are european cars better than american cars

Are European Cars Better Than American Cars? What are the Main Differences?

The argument on whether European cars are better than American cars (and vice versa) is one of the oldest debates around. It’s probably as old as the chicken and egg or milk and cereal debates.

The truth is, like those other unending debates mentioned above, there’s no correct answer to “are European cars better than American cars?” Motor vehicles on either side of the divide will win or lose on specific metrics. The right choice will come down to your situation.

As a trusted car repair company in Tucson, we’ve seen it all and can offer the proper guidance. We’ll look at the main differences between European and American cars with a few talking points.

The Main Differences Between European and American Cars


American vehicles are cheaper than European cars. The parts and engineering in European vehicles are largely superior. Therefore, they cost more. There are a few reasons for that, including more stringent manufacturing rules and a more robust manufacturing landscape.

However, many will argue that the parts and engineering superiority don’t matter if you are simply looking for a car to take you around for a few years.

Maintenance Needs

American cars are lower maintenance than European cars. Parts are always available. You may need to wait longer for a replacement part on a European car.

There are also significant differences in general maintenance costs. You can expect to pay 40-50% more on maintenance for European cars.

Car Size

American cars are bigger than European cars. The average American loves family road trips, and why not? There are over four million miles of roads to explore.

American cars are a good fit for families constantly on the road. European cities are smaller, and roads are more compact. Therefore, manufacturers don’t see any value in making cars as big.

Value for Money

If you don’t mind the whistles and bells in European cars (and the overall aesthetic appeal), American cars generally offer more bang for your buck.

For example, a seven-seater 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLS costs $90,000. An eight-seater Ford Expedition from the same year costs $52,000—almost 60% less!

Aesthetic Appeal

In our experience, people ask, “are European cars better than American cars?” after seeing promo images of European cars.  

European cars are always more stylish compared to American models of the same year. European designs combine elegance, style, and sophistication.

Fuel Efficiency

European car manufacturers make vehicles that can pass the stringent fuel economy checks in many countries across the continent.

With soaring gas prices, the gas engines of European cars beat the gas-guzzling engines in American units.


Since European cars have better costlier parts, they tend to last longer than American cars. However, that’s assuming similar use cases and proper maintenance.

The longevity explains why used European cars always cost more than American alternatives.We hope you have a better sense of direction after this article on “Are European cars better than American cars?” Are you considering going European? Check out these pointers before buying European luxury cars. You can also call us at 520-881-3273 for more guidance.

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