BMW DME Failure Symptoms & Solutions

Are you familiar with BMW DME failure symptoms? This vital component in your BMW might be ready for replacement. If you don’t know what signs to look for, our BMW service in Tucson at Little Germany can help. Is your BMW’s check engine light on? Reach out to Little Germany at 520-881-3273 for all your BMW service […]

Four Water Pump Failure Symptoms in BMW

Water pump failure can be a massive problem for your car. A bad water pump can cause your vehicle to overheat and, if not corrected, can permanently damage your engine block, pistons, head gaskets, and cylinders. The longer you drive with a malfunctioning water pump, the worse damage your car will suffer.  Identifying the warning […]

5 Signs that Your Car Needs a Brake Fluid Flush

Brake fluid, like brake pads, plays an important role in your vehicle’s brake system. It ensures lubrication of the vital parts so that you can brake smoothly. After time and use, your brake fluid becomes dirty and loses effectiveness. Flushing your brake lines cleans them and replaces the fluid with new, more effective brake fluid.  […]

4 Power Steering Problems You Should Know About in BMWs

As cars age, they start to develop issues, and BMWs in particular, are prone to problems with the power steering system. Power steering problems can make your car much more difficult to control, putting you and the people around you in significant danger. Regular tune-ups and Tucson BMW repair services can ensure your power steering […]

The Difference Between Fuel Economy vs. Fuel Efficiency

If you’re looking for fuel-efficient or light-duty vehicles, chances are that you know the basics of fuel efficiency and fuel economy. However, many people don’t have an in-depth knowledge of these concepts, and few take the time to explain them fully. Let’s compare fuel economy vs. fuel efficiency and show you how you can boost […]

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