4 Power Steering Problems You Should Know About in BMWs

As cars age, they start to develop issues, and BMWs in particular, are prone to problems with the power steering system. Power steering problems can make your car much more difficult to control, putting you and the people around you in significant danger. Regular tune-ups and Tucson BMW repair services can ensure your power steering […]

The Difference Between Fuel Economy vs. Fuel Efficiency

If you’re looking for fuel-efficient or light-duty vehicles, chances are that you know the basics of fuel efficiency and fuel economy. However, many people don’t have an in-depth knowledge of these concepts, and few take the time to explain them fully. Let’s compare fuel economy vs. fuel efficiency and show you how you can boost […]

How Important Is It to Change Brake Fluid?

Do you ever hear a squealing song when you hit the brakes in your BMW? Is your car not stopping as quickly as it used to? BMWs are precision-engineered vehicles, but if their brakes fail, they become a danger on the road and a potential source of tens of thousands of dollars in repair costs. […]

Are European Cars Better Than American Cars? What are the Main Differences?

The argument on whether European cars are better than American cars (and vice versa) is one of the oldest debates around. It’s probably as old as the chicken and egg or milk and cereal debates. The truth is, like those other unending debates mentioned above, there’s no correct answer to “are European cars better than […]

What You Should Know Before Purchasing European Luxury Cars

European luxury cars are a popular choice for the conscientious car owner. However, you should know that these luxury cars need specialized care to maintain precision engineering. Contact Little Germany to work with experienced European luxury auto repair technicians in Tucson. Below is everything you need to know before purchasing a European luxury car. High-Tech […]

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